Have a Blast this July 4th!

Dated: June 26 2020

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Have a Blast this July 4th

Let Your Crafts Soar 

Whether you’re celebrating with family or a small group of friends, it’s always fun to decorate. Spruce up your home for July 4th with these crafts. 

  • Here is a fun list of patriotic craft ideas from beautiful flower arrangements to festive coloring sheets.
  • Use toilet paper or paper towel tubes to make little rockets! You and the kids can paint the cardboard red, white, and blue and then glue ribbons or tassels onto one end. Paint little stars on the outside to give it a boost! Another option is to cut construction paper and glue it to the outside of the tube. For the top of the rocket make a cone shape out of paper to glue it to the top.
  • Build a rocket out of cardboard boxes so the young ones can fly high. Take a large cardboard box and cut out ½ of one side. Cut out two wings and tape one to each side. For the top of the rocket cut out a triangle and attach it to the top. If you want to take it another level, you can paint the outside or wrap it in fun wrapping paper. Glue painted bottle caps on to look like buttons and use a paper plate as a wheel. Blast off! 

Recipes for a Good Time 

July 4th is all about firing up that grill and snacking on some delicious red, white, and blue treats.  

  • For dessert try a yummy berry-topped flag cake recipe. 
  • Cupcakes are always a crowd favorite. An easy way to make them festive is by adding red, white, and blues sprinkles to the icing or using food coloring in the cake mix.
  • Red, white, and blue popsicles are a must-have on a hot summer day. You can even make them yourselves with this tasty recipe. 
  • If you’re looking to bake with the littles ones try this giant cookie pizza recipe. It’s simple and fun to make! 
  • This patriotic red white and blueberry shortcake is perfect for a picnic outside.

Festive Fun 

Whether you are together or apart, you can still celebrate July 4th with those you care about. 

  • Create a fun July 4th menu and email it to friends or family before Independence Day.  
  • Get decked out in red, white, and blue and schedule a video chat time so you can all eat the same great food together.  
  • Game on. Discover some family fun fourth of July games for kids.   
  • Make a photo booth at home! Hang a sheet up as a backdrop or stand in front of a white wall. Use construction paper to cut out July 4th themed props such as red hats and blue bowties. Take silly photos and share them with loved ones.  
  • Don’t forget the sparklers!

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Have a Blast this July 4th!

Have a Blast this July 4thLet Your Crafts Soar Whether you’re celebrating with family or a small group of friends, it’s always fun to decorate. Spruce up your home for July 4th

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